Terms and Conditions 
grainsandsuch.co is a home based business in Singapore. 
Mailing and Communications
1. Please ensure the mailing address for our PO box is correct and legibly written on the front of parcel containing your film. 
2. Your return mailing address must also be written on the back of the parcel containing your film, as well as the order form, so that we can return your negatives to you if requested. 
3. We will not be liable for any items lost or damaged in the mail. It is in the responsibility of the customer to utilize protective wrapping and mail the film to us using legitimate services. It is recommended to mail your film using Registered Mail services for safety and ease of tracking. 
4. Turnaround time for developing and scanning does not include the duration of mailing. 
5. In the unfortunate event your parcel is lost in the mail en route to us, and you have already paid for our services, we will refund you the full amount. 
Developing and Scanning
1. We will not be liable for scratched, blank, light leaks or damaged film. At Grainsandsuch, we handle your film with care and we maintain our equipment to the highest standards. If there are any faults with your film, we will notify you immediately and work with you to understand what happened. We hate these faults as much as you do. 
2. If your film turns out blank upon developing, we will only charge you for developing if scanning is not performed and refund you the balance. Developing costs $5. 
3. Prices quoted are on per roll basis unless otherwise stated.
4. We will not be liable for colour cast issues.

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