Price Range
Mid-range, S$11/roll
Rare - only sold in Japan
Color Characteristics
Saturated and Balanced
Latitude & Grain
Narrow room for error with clunky grain
Price & Availability
We've all heard of the Fujicolor 200 or more commonly known as the C200. But the C100 - where did this come from? Only available in Japan and slightly more expensive than the C200, the C100 in my perspective is almost exactly the same as the C200 in terms of color profile but has less visible grain. Nevertheless the grain structure is similar to the C200, clunky and patchy compared to Kodak Portra 400, but it gives a film noir vibe especially if you're using an old lens. 
Color Characteristics
We all know that color of the film is subject to light, lens, exposure, scanner's judgment. As background, I shot this roll with a Leica Elmarit 28mm f/2.8 in Singapore with majority of the shots in cloudy mid-day conditions. I also overexposed the film by 1 stop and shot at ISO 50. Scanning was done on my Noritsu scanner with minor adjustments to density but no corrections to color. 

In essence, the light is really yellow because of the equatorial sun and is highly diffused by strong cloud cover. Scanning this roll, I also noticed some very slight magenta hues in the highlights but not as strong and evident as a Fuji Superia Premium 400. Greens... i personally don't like too much green in film, but the C100 produces a very faded but saturated green which is actually more palatable and inviting compared to the striking greens in C200. 

When scanning C200, I tend to dial back on the yellows if the scenes are shot in Singapore because of over saturation. But with the C100, there was no need to do this. Quite balanced in itself and pleasing to the eye. 
Latitude & Grain
Does not handle harsh light well. If you plan to overexpose this film, try not to shoot in harsh lighting conditions. I know this is difficult because of the low ISO so as a rule of thumb, i only shoot this film in mid-day cloudy conditions and I avoid indoor shots. Shadow detail is actually quite clean - not as muddy as Kodak Colorplus 200 or C200. 
Overall sentiments
I don't want my reviews to be too technical so as to not invite a slurry of debate. So my sentiments regarding this film:
Yellow but balanced
Film noir
Mid-range film stock

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