Kodak ProImage is a budget filmstock. In Singapore you can get a 5 roll pack for around $38-40 (2020 prices). But for what it is, and comparing with the ever increasing prices of the other filmstocks in this range (C200, Colorplus, Gold), ProImage does pretty well!

Nevertheless, we start with some clear downsides to this film that I've noticed. First of all, for an ISO 100, the grain level on this film is relatively high and clunky. I was shooting in broad daylight at box speed and the shadow details were more grainy than usual. Next, the latitude on this film is quite basic, it's not so versatile like what film should conventionally be. If you don't already know, I like overexposing my film. However, after seeing the images shot at box speed, I am so glad I didn't overexpose it. At box speed, you cant really have more than 2 stops difference between the brightest and darkest parts in your picture. You can tell in my pics where some of the highlights (sky, sun on skin) are slightly blown. 

Essentially, grainy shadows, overblown highlights, I think the dynamic range for this film is not fantastic (see some of my overexposed shots below). There are other film stocks out there at this price that do so much better in this aspect - See my C100 review.

In any case, what this filmstock excels in is its colour reproduction. The reds and greens are nicely saturated. And if you have a nice blue sky, it comes out quintessentially aqua - yknow the aqua colours you always think of when you picture blue skies? The oranges are a bit off tho, they tend to be too yellowish/orange. This is not good for skin tones. 

After experimenting around with this filmstock, I think Kodak ProImage 100 should only be shot casually, maybe in a point and shoot that shoots box speed, or with flash since the ISO rating is quite low. I wouldnt use this to shoot people too because of the skin tone problem, and I wouldnt quite want to shoot too much landscape because of the green/red bias.

Overall, for this price range and dynamic range, I'd be very happy to use this film in a point and shoot where the occasional overblown highlights and candidness is allowable!

This picture shows how little dynamic range this filmstock has - overexposed whites, and grainy shadows

I quite like this shot because the lighting is quite consistent throughout so you don't get the dynamic range problem.

Look at the red dustpan, it really pops out at you! I'm more for balanced colour reproduction

Greens are really green here!

I shot this at box speed, but look at how the highlights are washed out. You can tell that I tried saving it in post. Also, the reds are quite striking!

Tried saving this too as it was too bright and washed out - hence the really muted colours

Hi there. 

Underexposed. Tried to expose for the sky, but look how muddy the blacks are!

No judgements, but i had to reduce the green saturation in this picture cos it was too in your face

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