Price Range
Low - S$8.50 -$10
Readily Available 
Color Characteristics
Balanced/Warm/Film pop
Latitude & Grain
Good dynamic range, smooth grain bright lighting
Price & Availability
For obvious reasons, Gold 200 deserves more recognition and film youtubers ought to stop branding this a "low end" film stock! For this price, it does exceeding well and is quite forgiving! Given the price, it has become my ultimate go-to when I want to get that nice balanced color, but yet achieve that definitive film look. I typically use this in a point and shoot but I got cheeky once and loaded this into my xpan and was immediately blown away! See examples shot below
Color Characteristics
This is a very versatile roll. I wouldn't mind loading this into any camera! The best results I've achieved with Gold is in broad daylight in the mid-afternoon sun. For Gold, you'd want to avoid cloudy conditions because that's when the colors turn out a little dull. To get the best out of Gold, you need to give it good light, preferably crisp and yellow sunlight because Gold tends to accentuate these tones. If you have a contrasting blue in your pic, this is when it really pops as well. If you have a good and high end contrasty lens, the pop in colours really comes out. Nevertheless, it is a much more forgiving film stock compared to Colorplus 200. When accidentally underexposed, it preserves saturation well when Colorplus 200 tends to become overly muddy and saturated.  
Overall Sentiments
Yellow but balanced
Film noir
Mid-range film stock
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